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Xavier Coll

A journey through the history of the Spanish guitar.

Xavier CollThe great teacher of the history of the guitar

The awarded maestro Xavier Coll was born in Barcelona, where he also took his first guitar lessons and where he was, later, graduated at the superior conservatory of music.

He has studied ancient instruments like the theorbo, the vihuela and the baroque guitar under the tutelage of Rolf Lislevand, Hopkinson Smith y Jordi Savall. He has also received a wide number of prizes and has performed in Europe, the United States, South America, Central America, and Asia.

Xavier Coll has collaborated with orchestras such as the Orquestra Nacional d’Andorra and the Le Concert des Nations, the latter directed by Savall, who he also worked with at the DVD of the opera L’Orfeo de Monteverdi, produced for the BBC.

He is currently a professor of chamber music at the Superior School of Music of Catalonia and offers his unique recitals of Spanish guitar, interpreting from authors such as Alonso Mudarra to contemporary maestros like Roland Dyens, at Maestros de la Guitarra, a festival where he also performs as one of the members of the formations Barcelona 4 Guitars and Barcelona Guitar Trio.

"Exquisite musicality, freshness and elegance"

El País (Madrid)


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